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Direct hire through our job board can save up to $30,000 in recruitment agency fees.

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We promote your job vacancy across our network of Automation Professionals.

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Promote your company to a focused audience of automation professionals.

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Find talented people to drive growth, and deliver project success for your company.

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Job Posting Packages

Entry Level

Entry Level Position with less than 3 years experience

  • 1 x Featured Job Listing
  • Priority Listing in Job Search
  • Listed for 30 days

Featured Job Posting with multi channel promotion campaign

  • 1 x Featured Job Listing
  • Priority Listing in Job Search
  • Targeted LinkedIn Campaign
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • 100% Refund Guarantee
Featured Value Bundle

Value bundle with 25% Discount for 10 Featured Job Postings

  • 10 x Featured Job Listings
  • Priority Listing in Job Search
  • Target LinkedIn Campaign
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • 100% Refund Available

Source And Screen Service​

We will manage the entire sourcing process including job listing, promotion and candidate screening.

We will providing you with a shortlist of interview ready candidates.

Just send us the details and we will do the rest!

Job Description

Develop a job description based on your company’s talent requirements and industry sector.

Job Listing Promotion

Promote your job listing through email marketing and social media campaigns. 

Candidate Outreach

Direct outreach to our extensive network of automation professionals to locate the most suitable candidate profiles and generate candidate referrals.

Applicant Screening

A dedicated screening officer with extensive industry experience will evaluate each application.

Receive Weekly Shortlist

Receive a curated shortlist of applications each week until the job is filled. 

No Risk

If we don’t deliver a minimum of ten applications within 30 days, we will offer a full refund.

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Is Automation JobSearch a recruitment agency?

No, we don’t operate as traditional recruitment business. Specifically we do not execute through service agreements with salary driven payment models. 

Our business is simple; 

  • We provide an interface for employers to post their job vacancies, promote their company brand, and discover candidates.
  • We offer a portal for automation professionals to browse job listings and access our industry newsletter, technical publications, and other content.
  • We offer a number of talent sourcing solutions tailored to the field of Industrial Automation. 
  • We are specialists in sourcing candidates for positions within the field of Industrial Automation and associated disciplines.


We charge a fixed rate fee to clients for the publication and promotion of job postings on our website.

With our premium job listing package, we can execute a campaign to promote your job listings through email outreach, social media, and other channels within our extensive network of automation professionals.

We also offer additional premium services to review and screen job applications, providing you with a shortlist of interview-ready candidates. 

How can you help my business?

1 – Cost-Effective, Talent Sourcing, We offer an alternative to costly staffing agreements that will significantly reduce your hiring costs.

We will promote your job openings to an audience of skilled automation professionals on our site and across our network.

If we don’t deliver you a minimum number of applications then we offer a free relisting or full refund. Refer to our refund policy.

2 – Access to our Industry-Focused Candidate Funnel, Automation JobSearch is more than just a niche job board. We’ve built a portal for Automation Professionals through the industry news and content published on our site by our expert writers.

As a result, the organic traffic to our site consists of both active job seekers and passive candidates who engage with our news publications and content pieces.

Posting your vacancies on our site gives you access to an industry focused, candidate funnel of Automation Professionals.

3 – We will Fast Track your Recruitment Campaign, With the high demand for Automation Professionals, its essential to promote your vacancy across social media and industry focused networks. Unfortunately, typical company career pages often face low search traffic volume.

We can expedite your recruitment process by promoting your vacancies across our subscriber base and social network, giving you quick access to thousands of qualified candidates.

4 – We will Save you Time, we can Source and Screen Candidates, with our premium job listing package (Source and Screen), we offer a professional source and screen service. This service provides a dedicated screening officer with relevant industry experience to review and shortlist applications for your vacancies.

We conduct manual resume screening, carefully reviewing and assessing each application. All you have to do is provide us with  a job description and we will do the work, providing you with a shortlist of interview ready candidates.

5 – Guaranteed Performance or Your Money Back, We are committed to providing the best value for our customers and building long term relationships.

If we do not deliver a minimum number of applications for your vacancy then you will be offered free relisting or full refund. Please refer to our refund policy for full details.

What is a featured job posting?

A featured job posting is a type job listing with enhanced visual and functional elements that make it more prominent amongst other jobs postings on the site. In addition we will execute a multipronged outreach campaign to promote your vacancy through several mediums including;

  • Landing Page Exposure – Featured job postings will be displayed on the Automation JobSearch landing page where organic search traffic is highest. The job title, location, company name and company logo (if provided) will be displayed in large banner format. 
  • Top of Search Results – Featured job postings will appear at the top of search results in the job search listings. Candidates who search for related job positions in the site’s search engine will be presented with featured job postings firstly. 
  • Social Media – Featured job postings will be linked in social media from time to time, in our weekly news letters and LinkedIn posts. 
  • Email marketing campaign to our candidate database

What is the Source and Screen Service?

Automation JobSearch provides this premium tier service to save you valuable time and resources. We will manage the entire sourcing process including job listing, promoting and candidate screening, providing you with a list of interview candidates. Each Source and Screen package purchased comes with total of 3 separate job listings.

Step 1 – Promotion. In order to promote the job opportunity we will use a combination of email marketing, social media campaign, as well as featuring the job posting on our landing page so it is exposed to organic search traffic. 

Step 2 – Candidate Engagement.  We will track down suitable candidate profiles within our network of automation professionals and present your opportunity to them. This will include passive job seekers in our network of Automation Professionals. 

Step 3 – Applicant Screening. Upon receiving applications, our dedicated screening officer will use their extensive industry experience to review and appraise each application for its suitability to the role and any requirement specified by the client, this may include but not limited to;

  • Experience with specific Automation Systems and/or Hardware
  • Holding of standardized industry certifications such as IECEx, TUV, ect. 
  • Experience in certain roles such as detailed engineering, commissioning, operations ect.
  • Conversance with relevant ISA/ISO/IEC industry standards.
  • Experience in working at specific facilities or within industry environments such as offshore platforms, pharmaceutical plants, wind farms ect. 
  • Experience in working with specific End Users / Operators and familiarity with their proprietary standards and project specifications ect. 


Step 4 – Shortlisting, The screening officer will curate a shortlist of suitable candidates at regular intervals and provide these to your company representative.  

The shortlist will take the form of a batch of resumes (sent via secure file transfer) accompanied by a report indicating a ranking of each candidate and their relative performance assessed against the requirements that we have carefully deconstructed from the job description. 

Note that we don’t rely on simple keyword matching algorithms for candidate screening, as we believe this approach is insufficient given the nuances and depth of industry terminology.

We will continue this process for the duration of the package until instructed by the client the position has been filed or sufficient applications have been received.

Why is it so challenging to find Candidates for Industrial Automation roles?

Soaring Demand and High Recruitment Fees, The demand for skilled automation professionals is rapidly increasing, with the industry growing at nearly 10% per year. This growth has created a lucrative market for the recruitment industry, which typically charges a significant premium of 15-25% of the candidate’s first-year salary.

Poor Screening Practices, Recruiters are motivated to place candidates quickly, often overlooking the essential screening and verification of a technical skillset. Consequently, employers aiming to grow their workforce are faced with high recruitment fees and risk of hiring unsuitable candidates, hindering growth, and disrupting operations.

Industry Skillset Complexity, Recruitment and staffing agencies often struggle to understand the depth, complexity, and nuanced taxonomy of skill sets and terminology associated with Industrial Automation. As a result, their ability to accurately assess candidate suitability is often reduced to simple keyword matching.

Unfortunately, candidates will often exaggerate skills and experience on their resumes. It takes an industry-experienced professional to discern embellishment from fact. 

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